5 Best cafes in Paris near Roland Garros stadium

5 Best cafes in Paris near Roland Garros stadium

In addition to the Australian Open, the US Open and Wimbledon in the UK, the French Open is another prestigious tournament that is attended by people from all over the world.

This tournament is so great that even if you are not a tennis fan, you will definitely be drawn to it by the high level of hype associated with it. Held at the Roland Garros stadium in Paris, this even is a favorite among celebrities.

One of the great things about this tournament is that even if you are a tennis player and you can’t even name a single player apart from the famous ones like Serena Williams, you will definitely have a lot to do in the romantic city.

One of the activities that you can engage inwhile you are in Paris is to enjoy the amazing coffee(better than your home brewed coffee?). The cafes near the stadium come in handy when you want to grab a cup of coffee or eat before attending the match or after attending a match. The following are five of the best cafeterias located near Roland Garros stadium.

1. Holybelly

The coffee served here is so amazingly made from a great espresso machine that you will not want to leave once you get served. This café also offers one of the best brunches in town. Going for a brunch here means that you will have to wait in line, but it’s ok since in the end you will get the best. It also caters for non-residents since it is the only places where you can get the early green tea sipped in milk, commonly known as the London Fog.

The place is cheerful with the Bestie Boys blaring from the speakers as aproned staff quickly weave between tables. However, the crowd is casual and laid back.

The front areas might be narrow but don’t let that fool you the back room is much more sober and elegant and features a pinball machine as well as a big leather sofa. This café managed by a young couple from Vancouver has breakfast items such as fig and caramelized hazelnut pancakes with maple syrup and whip cream and pancakes with bacon and fried eggs. The other dishes include poached eggs with bacon, Brebis cheese or black pudding. The great coffee served here comes from a new local roaster located in Belleville and goes very well with one of their soft and freshly baked cookie specials.

2. Le Frank

This café started by Chef Jean-Louis Nomicos is the highlight of visitors who go to the Jardin d’Acclimatation cultural center and museum. This restaurant is known for its amazing cuisine with Mediterranean accent. The meals here areserved either as allvegetable meal or the combination of seafood and vegetable. The portion of the food is just right so that you can continue with your exploration of the museum or go back to the Roland Garros stadium and enjoy a match.

This restaurant is an immaculate shade of white, a reflective and transparent environment where color can be found in the surrounding landscape as well as on the plate.The flavors and meal interpretations here go according to the time of day, various age groups, the size of one’s appetite or he ongoing Foundation events.There is always something for everyone here.

3. La Grande Cascade

If you are looking for the most beautiful place for outside dining out of France, then this café is the one. Run by Chef Frederic Robert, this place has a retro-modern décor with high ceilings, huge doors; chandeliers as well as windows that will make you feel very special. It is no wonder this place is frequented by most French families when they want to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary.

Not only is this place a favorite among the locals, it is also popular among Brazilian and Japanese visitors who love both French food and luxury. The menu here is made up of contemporary French dishes that are expertly prepared and artfully presented. In fact, most of the chefs around Paris got their initial start here.

4. Casa Murat

Locate near Porte d’Auteuil, close to Parc des Princes, this café has managed to refine its own identity. The Italian restaurant has a special decoration that includes a mix of typical trattoria and New York loft as well as sun terrace and large veranda. In case you had a long day, on you step I to this restaurant, you are sure to be at ease. Since the matches can be intense at times, this place is great for unwinding after watching a tough match at the French Open.

Besides the appetizing menu, this place has amazing staffs who readily welcomes you as you enter and offer advice in case you don’t know what to choose. The menu here includes starters like Carpaccio Grande, tomato, garlic, basil and Paste Casa Murat. This starter is actually a specialty of this café. For the main course, you can have the pizza which is prepared by Michel.

5. Lex Deux Stations

The hearty dishes and checkered tablecloths make this café a haven where time has stopped. Here, families and friends can meet during any time of the day and enjoy a nice meal or a cup of coffee as they chat away.

The simple and generous home cooking is what makes this café a favorite among both the locals and visitors. Furthermore, the meals are also quite affordable. The dishes served here include French cuisines that are classic such as Baked Camembert, Buckwheat Crepes and Moules Marinieres.

After you have had your meal, you can relax at the side bar where spirits and drinks like diabolos, Cacolac, Viandox or Pschitt are served.


Being in Paris for the French Open does not mean that you just stay in your hotel and only come out when you are going to attend the matches but it means that besides attending the tennis matches, you also get to enjoy all the good things that Paris has to offer. One of these things is great coffee and food.