Best way to get good seats in the stadium

A stadium is a venue or place where most outdoor activities take place and it consists of a field or a stage that can be completely or partly surrounded by a tiered structure that is made to allow spectators to either sit or stand while viewing the event.

If you are planning to attend a certain sporting event or concert, you definitely want to have a good experience. One thing that affects your experience is your sitting position. For you to have a great view, you need to get good seats. Below are the best ways in which you can get good seats in a stadium.

Check the venue

So you have just bought your ticket and you are so excited to attend the concert, however, you do not know exactly where your seat is located. One thing you can do to check your seat is by going to the site where you bought the ticket and find out exactly where your seat is located. If the site does not have this information, you can check the venue itself. Go to the website of the particular stadium and have a look at the seating chart. Most stadium websites have a seating chart.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where the stadium does not have a website, then you can go to YouTube and look for relevant videos that will help you know where you are going to sit.

Purchase the night tickets

If you are planning to attend tournaments such as the Roland Garros or French Open, as commonly known, then one way for you to get good seats at the stadium is by purchasing the night tickets. These tickets usually cost 12 pounds and above. Plus, there is an upgrade if you want. With these tickets, you can have access to the Roland Garros stadium from 5pm onward. Not only do you get to watch the best ,matches, but you will also get to watch the match with very few other spectators which means that you will be free to move to the best seat available since the number of people at the court are few. This is a very great value for your money.

Background check

When purchasing tickets, price matters a lot. Most times, you need to make sacrifices in terms of quality in order for you to keep your expenses down when purchasing tickets. Most people are f the idea that the best seats in a stadium are the ones with the highest price. Although this happens, it is not always true. Your ideal ticket location might not be the most expensive ticket. For you to avoid spending a lot of money on a seat that won’t satisfy you, make sure you do a background check before purchasing the ticket. If you do this, you will have a greater chance of enjoying yourself once you get to the stadium.

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Ask Others

One of the best things happening in our world right now is the internet. Through the internet, people are able to get practically any information they need. The internet has made communication very easy and instant. There are numerous ticket site discussion pages, forums as well as several other resources that are designed to assist you in finding out all you need to know concerning ticket locations. So, make use of them. In case you don’t find the specific information you are looking for, then you can visit the ticket site and go to the comment or questions section and post your question there. If you are persistent, you will definitely get an answer.

If the above options don’t work, then you can resort to calling the stadium’s customer service department.

Arrive early

If your ticket does not offer a good seat, then, for you to get a good seat, you have to make sure that you arrive to the stadium on time. Go to the stadium before the event begins and head to the pre-game warmups. There is no usher that will come to you to check your ticket if you are just going to watch the warm ups. Besides getting the best seat, the other benefit of an early arrival is reduction of stress. By arriving early, you are able to avoid the stress associated with being late.

Things can get challenging when you arrive to the event when the action has already began. This is because at this moment, everyone is busy watching the event and the ushers have also gone into the serious work mode. Also, do not plan the halftime sneak-down as ushers are normally looking for this and will definitely come seek you out once you have taken your seat.

Get in with a big group

If you a family on the entrance, then you need to be behind them. Once you are close to the group, strike a conversation with one of the group member, for example, if it a child, then strike a conversation with the children. If you do this, the chances of the usher asking you for your ticket will be very low and he might just let you get in the stadium without asking you for your ticket.

The other way of avoiding the usher is by sneaking in behind them when they are assisting someone else. This does not mean that you act like James Bond, just move fast by them as if you have done it before. Confidence is crucial here just the same way it is during job interviews and dates.


Grand sporting events such as the Wimbledon, US Open, Australian Open and French Open are best enjoyed when you are seated somewhere with a good view of what’s happening in the court. Not only are good seats important when watching sporting events, they are also great for any concert that happens in a stadium such as a music concert.

The experience you have in whatever event largely depends on the type of seat you get to occupy so getting the best seat is a matter of great importance.